David Burrows


- Yorkshire Brewery Heritage Interpretation Public Art -

Perminant Stereoscopic Photographic Installation

In collaboration with SMA Projects and Lovelchen Heritage Architects

The Yorkshire Brewery Heritage Interpretation Project is a curated photographic essay spanning the industrial history of the site. 7 stereoscopic viewers, each containing an image telling part of the story of the sites recent history are scattered throughout the development, acting as windows to the sites past.

Two of the viewers contain portraits, one of John Wood, the founder of both the Brewery itself and The Yorkshire Brewery Fire Brigade. The other portrait is of a local man named James Tobin who was a member of the Fire Brigade. J Tobin was born in Collingwood in 1861. He lived in the area all his life and died in his home on Langridge Street in 1900 after fighting a fire in the area.

There is an image of a still life depicting objects contained in a time capsule that is buried under the north west foundation stone of the Brewery tower, laid on 4 Oct 1876. The viewer containing this image is located on said corner.

The remaining 4 viewers show the site in various moments of its history; its time as a brewery, its transition into a cooperage, its presence as an architectural feature in the landscape and its period of neglect as an abandoned site for much of the late 20th century when artists and squatters used it for material and shelter.

The viewers are mounted on original bluestone sourced from the site prior to the re-development.