David Burrows



Stereoscopic Photography Installation


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australian Antarctic Divisions Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship.

MIRAGE PROJECT_____[iceberg] aims to inlay an iceberg from Antarctica into Federation Square. Breaking free from the confines of the gallery and opening the spatial relationship to larger issues of landscape, environment and architecture.

The viewers in Federation Square are positioned in the same spatial layout as the positions of the original photos. By walking from viewer to viewer you are in fact walking around an iceberg. The 3D photo in each viewer becomes a window onto a parrallel world, interweaving this glorious ice monument into the fabric of the city.

The idea is to convey the extraordinary experience, sense of wonder and discovery inspired by "getting up close" to an iceberg. This wonder will be re-enforced by the contrast of this Antarctic reality against the urban environment.

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