David Burrows



Stereoscopic Photography Installation


Mirage Project [forest] was commissioned and produced by Artefact exclusively for the Ososphere 2012 exhibition.

MIRAGE PROJECT_____[forest] inlayed a scene of old growth temperate rainforest from Gippsland, Victoria into a disused industrial building in the docklands of Strasbourg, France.

A wire-frame cuboid was used as a central point of reference for the photos. This same cuboid was then positioned in the exhibition space and the viewers where arranged around it according to the photo they contained. The spectator therefore had the experience of viewing a physical point of orientation shared by both the phantom photographic space and the actual physical space.

The primary subject of the photos was a giant tree fern, which the cuboid sat amongst. The photos where taken and then subsequently arranged in a curved path towards the heart of the fern. Thus providing a trajectory of unraveling mirrored by the complex geometry of the fern. The spectators path would also lead them in towards the internal space of the cuboid as they approached the fern, playing again off the internal, external dynamic inherent in stereoscopes.

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