David Burrows


Lucent [3]

Interactive Installation


The Lucent series use a horizontal line animated in real time by the sound of a freeway to create a waveform. In this series instead of falling on a surface the light itself forms a surface, which is then used to create a tangible volume.

Lucent [3] is an immersive work, which surrounds and baths its viewers in a sea of light. A luminous surface of water floats and ripples in a black space. People walk through it, they stand, they wonder, they play. The space is transformed from solid to liquid, from material to immaterial, from empty to full, from normal to extra-ordinary.

Despite the viewers physical engagement this work is primarily a visual experience due to the immaterial nature of light. The contradictory sense of being physically immersed in a immaterial mass opens a questioning of our perception of the environments we find ourselves immersed in everyday.