David Burrows


Light of Other Days

Multi-media Installation


In Light of Other Days little unexceptional moments from the artists life, captured on video, are projected through glass jars wherein they become enigmatic 3 dimensional forms that taunt our desire to recognise the image. The jars stand as simple objects of fascination and wonder, drawing us into their other worldly display of form and luminescence.

Beyond the fact that all these images are personal memories from an individuals life, they are also universal images that resonate within a wider collective nostalgia. The endless unfolding of the Australian landscape as seen through the window of a train, sunlight silhouettes of a man spinning a child on a beach, the Eiffel Tower and the roof tops of Paris. These are cultural mems that can trigger a reverie in any one of us

This is an intimate work that plays with the distortion of perception created by the filtering of events through the passage of time and space. It is a comment on our need to try to capture, preserve and archive moments of time.